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Volunteer Opportunities

This is your chance to step up and be a part of this great community! By volunteering you help build community, make friends, and have a great time while doing it. We can't do it without you.

Many hands make light work!

To Volunteer for these rolls simply follow the link provided, Or...

Press the button below to send a message....


Vice President of the Men's Club

Learn the inner working of the Men's Club. Shadow the current president and give aid as needed. There is no better way to get involved and build the community you want to be part of. 


Treasurer of the Men's Club

Our current Treasurer has been doing us a great service. But, he is requesting a shadow to work with to learn the books. It's not as daunting at may seem, and very useful to the organization as a whole.


Crab Feed Volunteer - Hours Vary by Roll

This is the big one folks! All hands on deck! We need everyone's help for this. You might said it MANditory. Rolls include everything from just helping out the night of, to helping us plan and exicute the dream.

Follow the link to our Signup Genius to get started....


Workday Chair - 10hrs/year (Outside the Workday itself)

Get together with our Corpus Christi Community leaders to plan ways in which the Men's Club can help serve and make our school and parish a better place for all. Examples include: Garage Clean out, Play House building, and decorating the church for Advent and Easter.


Crab Feed - Kitchen Chair

Currently Francisco Machuca occupies this roll and he is looking for someone to mentor to take over kitchen duties.



Currently Jason Throne occupies this roll, and he is looking for someone to mentor to take over and assist with treasurer duties.

Thank you!

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