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Our goal is to build a strong and supportive community. We do this through organizing great events such as the Corpus Christi Crab Feed, an exciting evening where you come dressed in your finest to enjoy the community as we dine on way too much crab, sip drinks at Katie o’Murphy’s bar, engage in aggressive friendly bidding during the live and silent auctions, and dance the night away to a live band. We know it's events like this one, and all of our other events, that get you in-touch with the other members, parents, parishioners and the community at large. It builds a place of belonging, so that when you see others around in the community, that they are not just faces, but friends.

This community couldn’t happen without the support of our members. We build off each other and make this a place that is strong. All of our events are a result of volunteers putting their efforts into connecting us. Without people stepping up into these roles, our community here wouldn’t be what it is today. So, step up with us and build the community you would want to be a part of!

Fr. Leo
One of the greatest joys of my life is being able to tell others about our Parish family. The fact that I can say family, tells you all you need to know about the Corpus Christi Parish. We are community that strives to be a family. Everyone belongs, all that we ask of you is that you give us a chance to make you feel welcome!

Fr. Leo, Pastor, Corpus Christi Church

Our Leadership

This is your leadership team. These are the folks that have stepped up to help steer this great ship that is the Men's Club. Look for them around Corpus Christi and they would be happy to help you with anything Men's Club related.

This Year's Crab Feed Chairs

Meet the team spearheading this year's Crab Feed. We can't wait to see what they come up with. As always, its going to be a blast!

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